Sunday, 25 September 2016

My running year xxx Friday

Apart from the usual cycle commute today there was nothing strenuous on the agenda. 
So here is a picture of food instead. 

My running year xxx Thursday

Gym session to start the day, included loads of drills as well as 600m at 8 minute miles, 2x 600 at 7 minute miles. 
Which was hard but not impossible. 
In the evening rounded off the day with a massage and then Pilates. 

My running year Wednesday

Running sisters following the zebras, quite a few were missing, but it was good to catch up with the small select group who pitched up :-) 
By the time I peeled off to go home or was dark. 

My running year

Tuesday session in the gym. First after the medoc, lots of resistance/strength work. Found it really hard going. 

My running year xxx

Saturday Southampton Park Run. With Diana who had come over to run alongside Pete who was getting married in the afternoon. We took it easy so there is lots of room for improvement! 
Failed to take any pics yet again. 
Just getting back into the daily recording habit. 
This was my first big group after the medoc. 

My running year xxx

What a wonderful sunny morning out at Ocknell. Shame I failed to take a photograph. Five mile recce run for the stinger with Diana. Found it a bit of an effort. 

Saturday, 11 June 2016

My running year

Saturday park run

It's been a while but my new regime of sensible length working days and early to bed makes it a bit more feasible. 

Not my best time and actually a slower pace than I ran the eastleigh 10k, so lots of room for improvement. 

Southampton gets a big field so is never going to be super fast, and this week it was like running in a sauna